Chef Pam is a self-taught home chef, cookbook author, and container gardener.  A city girl with southern roots. Her goal is to get you hungry and in the kitchen.  So many of us have lost our way in the kitchen and it's time to find our way back. She believes that Food is Medicine and Medicine is food. That Food Culture is Cooking, Cocktails and Conversation.

Pam believes that no one should be hungry and that everyone can and should learn to cook. She reminds people that good cooking is all about the love you put into it and the tips, tricks and hacks that help get you there.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications and is an avid container gardener.  She was selected as YouTube's Creator On The Rise, October 2022 and featured in a Fox World News clip for her egg substitutes, January 2023.  She was featured by YouTube on their Official Channel, March 2023 for Women's International month. Walmart recognized Pam in April 2023 for her cooking tips, tricks and hacks videos. In June 2023, Pam was featured in an exclusive news article by the Daily Dot, a paper of record for the web for her viral TikTok video, PYREX vs pyrex.  In November 2023, Pam was nominated for the NC Media Creator of the Year Awards.  She is currently developing a complete line of seasoning blends starting with her All-Purpose Prep Seasoning.

Pam now teaches millions of followers across multiple social media platforms what she's learned over years.




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